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What’s another picture of an espresso? (at Sightglass Coffee)
I feel like I’m trapped inside a Kinfolk. (at Samovar Tea Lounge)
Tea lounge (at Samovar Tea Lounge)
Green tea (at Samovar Tea Lounge)
'spro (at Four Barrel Coffee)
Pork belly from the famous Mission Chinese. (at Mission Chinese Food)
Gotta get my Four Barrel (at Four Barrel Coffee)

I still really, really love this video.


1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championships (Opening). Easily the most fun opening to a sporting event sponsored by Crystal Light you’ll see this week. The woman at 1:17 is just next level.

Avo Smash (at Bluestone Lane Collective Café)
Bros, bros, as far as the eye can see (at Stone Street Oysterfest!)